The mediation process

Each mediation follows a logical, proven structure. This way you will be guided step by step towards a sustainable solution.

Preliminary talk

In a preliminary telephone conversation or by e-mail, we clarify what is at stake and arrange an appointment.

Step 1 – Clarification of the assignment

At the beginning I will give you an overview of the process and the framework conditions of the mediation and we will discuss all organizational questions.

Step 2 – Collection of topics

You describe the situation and name the topics you want to discuss in the mediation. In doing so, we get a good overview of the current situation.

Step 3 – Interests and needs

Here we collect detailed information and discuss different points of view. Together we clarify the positions and interests of all parties involved and get to the bottom of things. Not only hard facts and legal aspects can be taken into account, but also deeper-lying wishes, hopes and fears, as long as they are relevant for the clarification. The goal is a deep understanding that serves as a solid foundation for the decisions to be made. Because this phase is so important, it is considered the heart of mediation.

Step 4 – Gathering options and possibilities

After it has become clear what is at stake and what all needs to be considered, we broaden our view in a creative process and collect all conceivable options for action. This will give you a good overview of your options. Here you can dare to look in different directions and weigh the possible consequences.

Step 5 – Conclusion and agreement

You discuss the various options and make concrete agreements. In mediation, the agreements often go beyond mere compromises, because you can respond much better and more precisely to all individual needs due to a better understanding of each other. You can record the results in a written final agreement and, if necessary, have it notarized.