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Family mediation in Berlin

Quarrels and fights happen in every family. The question is not whether conflicts occur, but how they are dealt with. In a professional family mediation you can address problems, gather ideas and make concrete agreements for the future. This will help you gain a better understanding of each other and strengthen mutual trust.

In the event of a separation, especially of parents with children, there is much to discuss. How can we succeed in continuing to be there for the children together and take responsibility for them? How do we regulate financial aspects such as the division of joint assets and pension entitlements? All of this can be clarified well in mediation.

What is family mediation about?

The ideas of partnership and family are diverse. In mediation, the different wishes, hopes and fears are expressed in order to bring them into harmony in a creative way.

Often, the issue is how to strengthen family cohesion and show consideration for different needs. A key to improving the relationship is communication with each other. It is about how, when and about what to communicate with each other. Here, too, different needs and interests must be taken into account.

Parents with different ideas about how to raise their children still want to pull together. How can this best succeed?

Couples who separate want to continue caring for the children together as parents. How do you want to organize everyday life? How do we arrange contact with the children and how do we finance their living expenses?

Advantages of family mediation

In a family mediation you can openly address problems, worries, fears and hopes. Through open discussion, misunderstandings are cleared up, you gain a better understanding of each other and discover common ground.

Families often experience new forms of interaction and communication in mediation, from which they benefit in the long term. They learn to accept criticism and to see conflict as an opportunity for positive change.

Through mediation, you gain new scope for action and influence on your family life. This leads to a sustainable relief and to more satisfaction.

New ways in partnership

Mediation also offers many opportunities for couples who do not want to separate but want to hold on to their partnership. You can talk openly about the current state of your relationship, about difficulties, fears and hopes. In a structured process you will work out concrete proposals on how you would like to shape your partnership in the future.

Compared to couples therapy, the conversations in mediation do not go into as much depth. We only talk about past experiences and emotions as far as it is necessary to make concrete agreements for the future. Mediation can be an alternative or a supplement to therapy.