Mediation Costs Berlin

Rates for mediation, supervision and training

Below you will find an overview of the costs incurred for mediation, supervision or training.

Team mediation and organizational mediation

The fee for team mediation and organizational mediation is 1200 euros per day or 180 euros per hour plus 19% VAT.

Family mediation

The fee for family mediation and other private mediations is 160 euros per hour plus 19% VAT.


The fee for team or individual supervision is 160 euros per hour plus 19% VAT.


The fee for workshops and seminars is 1200 euros per day plus 19% VAT.

Duration of a mediation

One session usually lasts 90-120 minutes. Longer sessions are possible. Team mediation can easily be carried out in a workshop format over the course of a half or full working day.

The total duration of a mediation depends on the complexity of the issues to be resolved and the number of participants. In any case, mediation is a process that takes time. It is often helpful to have one to two weeks between sessions.