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Team mediation in Berlin

In team mediation, I support organizations and companies in finding constructive and effective forms of communication and cooperation. This is achieved through confidential discussion and the joint search for solutions to existing problems and conflicts. You determine the content and topics. After all, you know best what needs to be discussed. I moderate the discussions and ensure that all opinions are heard and concrete results are achieved. The focus is not on the mistakes of the past but on the possibilities for effective cooperation in the future. Translated with (free version)

In every organization, misunderstandings and differing interests inevitably lead to conflicts. If these conflicts are not resolved constructively, the ability to work as a team, the results of the work and also the well-being of the employees suffer. Conversely, if conflicts are resolved amicably and conflicting interests are reconciled, work becomes easier and satisfaction increases.

A special feature of organizational and team mediation is that the participants are not only acting on their own behalf, but belong to an organization. In addition to personal interests, the guidelines and goals of the organization must also be taken into account. Therefore, it is important to clarify right at the beginning which specifications exist and who should participate in the conversation in order to make the necessary decisions. Translated with (free version)

What is team mediation about?

Each team is unique and assigned different work content and tasks. Nevertheless, there are fundamental questions that every team should ask itself: How can we improve collaboration? How do we make decisions? How can we develop individually and together as a team? The answers to these questions must again be found by each team for itself.

It is important to deal constructively with mistakes and to communicate actively to avoid misunderstandings. For this, mutual trust is just as important as sharing important information.

All this can be discussed and clarified in mediation. As a result, you gain more pleasure in your work and achieve better results together as a team.

What are the advantages of mediation?

Mediation offers many advantages. You can address problems openly and work out solutions on your own responsibility. In many cases, it is helpful to clarify the individual roles, responsibilities and expectations.

Team members can state personal goals and interests and align them with the goals of other team members and the organization.

The discussions are confidential. It is clarified with superiors and those involved exactly what information is shared with whom and at what time.

Due to the structured process of mediation and the use of various communication techniques and models, the talks proceed in a goal-oriented manner. A visualization of the individual steps and the concrete results provide a good overview and an important basis for decision-making.

At the end of mediation, there are concrete, comprehensible goals and decisions that are implemented jointly by all team members.


In a preliminary meeting, you determine who will participate in the mediation and what is to be achieved.

In mediation, you name the issues you want to talk about. Together we look at the current situation to understand where there is a need for improvement. In the next step, all participants are given the opportunity to express their views and interests. Once it is clear what needs to be addressed, we gather ideas for possible changes in a creative process. The question is: What can you do differently in the future than before? You can then select from the pool of ideas created in this way and plan the concrete implementation. A joint agreement at the end should clearly regulate which changes will be implemented. Translated with (free version)

Since all agreements are worked out together and individual wishes and ideas are taken into account, there is a high probability that they will bring the hoped-for success.

Moderation of team meetings

It does not always have to be a full mediation. If there is no conflict, a single meeting can be enough to formulate common goals and plan their implementation. I like to moderate team meetings, in which I accompany you just as neutrally as in a mediation.