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German-Japanese Mediation

German-Japanese mediation is a special format for business partners from Germany and Japan and international teams with a focus on intercultural communication. I take cultural and linguistic aspects into account.

I grew up in Germany, studied Japanese studies and lived in Japan for six years. Therefore, I am familiar with the cultural backgrounds of both countries and can effectively mediate between people from Germany and Japan.

I offer mediations in German, English and Japanese and if necessary there is the possibility to involve mediators and other experts from Japan.

I am a panel mediator at the Japan International Mediation Center (JIMC Kyoto).

Intercultural communication in German-Japanese teams

Internationale Teams sind keine Seltenheit. The same applies to them as in any team mediation. In addition, you face challenges arising from different values, manners and communication styles. The more different the cultural background of the team members, the easier it is for misunderstandings and unresolved conflicts to arise.

In mediation you can improve your intercultural competence and develop a better understanding of cultural backgrounds.

For example, you might discuss the following questions:

  • How do we avoid misunderstandings and improve communication?
  • To what extent do cultural differences play a role and how do we deal with them?
  • How do we overcome prejudice and steretype?
  • In what ways do we strengthen mutual trust?
  • How do we use our diversity to our advantage?

Facilitation for business partners from Germany and Japan

My offers for German-Japanese mediation go far beyond conflict resolution and include mediation in talks, negotiations and projects. I help you build bridges between Japan and Germany and support you in communicating with business partners so that you find the right partners and build good, long-term relationships with them.

German-Japanese mediation for couples and families

Of course, I also offer mediations for couples and families with a German-Japanese background. In doing so, I take cultural and linguistic aspects into account.

For further information, see Family Mediation and International Family Mediation.